ISSN print : 2069-6523; ISSN online: 2393-3356; ISSN-L: 2069-6523

       Rhinology, as an important part of Otolaryngology, addresses a very frequent and diverse pathology, with important interdisciplinary implications. The needs of modern medicine – over-specialization, interdisciplinary approach and evidence-based medicine,

lead to the situation that the international rhinologic societies are the most dynamic and appreciated.

     A lot of ENT specialists are mainly oriented towards rhinology, plus that the endoscopic sinus surgery is addressing nowadays also to borderline pathology of the skull-base, orbita and lacrimal pathways.
     The born of the Romanian Rhinologic Society is an important step towards the alignment at modern standards and directions of the actual Otolaryngology, considering that a major contingent of colleagues is interested in this field.
      According to the Statute, this scientific organization is opened to ENT colleagues but also to others from related specialties and promote rhinology in Romania, initiating and organizing regular scientific meetings of the society’s members at conferences, congresses and courses.
     Romanian Rhinologic Society wants to run, as a partner, multicentric scientific studies. The Society will develop a close cooperation with all related international societies through participation to scientific meetings, research studies and organizing exchanges of experience.
     Naturally, the Romanian Journal of Rhinology, the Society’s journal, will try to fill the existing gap in the Romanian ENT literature, promoting modern publishing and criteria according to the international standards of Medline and PubMed.
     Romanian Journal of Rhinology appear quarterly with the purpose to publish original articles, original clinical reports, clinically relevant experimental studies and short communications presenting new results of general interest.
     Its aim is to concentrate and provide information concerning care, cure and prevention of different rhinologic disorders. With a peer review by an important national and international editorial board, the journal provides clinical and clinically related information written by authors from all over the world.
     We are pleased to have as partners all colleagues interested in rhinology and to develop a difficult but courageous project, according to the concept that destiny helps those daring.

               Prof. Codrut Sarafoleanu 

             General Secretary of RRS,

 Editor-in-Chief Romanian Journal of Rhinology